Physics Qualifications

1992 Physics Degree : Cambridge University
1993 Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics : Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University
1997 PhD (Perturbations About Topological Defects) : Sussex University


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M.J.Goodband [Jan 2012], Agent Physics, (contents)
M.J.Goodband [Jan 2012], Incompleteness in Classical Physics (pdf, review of incompleteness in Agent Physics
M.J.Goodband [Jan 2012], S10 Unified Field Theory (pdf), review of chapter 6 of Agent Physics
M.J.Goodband [June 2012], Changes in the descriptive framework of scientific sheories (pdf), philosophy of science preprint
M. Goodband [June 2012], Derivation of a chrial SO(3)*SU(2)*U(1) quantum field theory from Kaluza-Klein theory (v1 pdf, v2 pdf), physics preprint

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